About Me

My name is Colin Farrell and I am a retired professional photographer who specialised in travel and nature photography. I have travelled throughout much of the world and have created a huge collection of photos on every subject from ancient Roman remains to gourmet dinners to Spanish fiestas!

When I first started my photographic studio it was quite successful but I was forced into retirement when an accident ended my driving days. I was helping a friend out; he had a job as a fast food delivery driver and he made a lot of money at it, believe it or not. The problem was that he found to his horror that he needed special courier insurance for delivering food! He was uninsured as a result and concerned about losing his job. Perhaps he was lucky; he had already delivered hundreds of pizzas and other fast food meals and never been stopped by the police but he had to find an insurance policy for delivering hot food quickly. Unfortunately (as it turned out) I already had courier insurance so with his employer's agreement I took over his rounds for a couple of days. On the second day I was involved in a car accident; my puny little Fiat 500 was hit by another large car which failed to stop. I never caught the number of it because I was too dazed and badly injured; I still find it difficult to walk more than a few hundred yards. The police never caught the driver. I have since, however, thanked heaven for car insurance.

I had bought a really comprehensive car insurance policy from LV and they couldn't have been more helpful. It took a while to settle the claim because I had to have all kinds of hospital tests but eventually I got compensation via the Motor Insurers Bureau.

In the meanwhile I would be really happy to dispose of my photographic collection - about 10,000 unique photos in all - so I would be interested in realistic offers. My phone number is 020 8144 2413.


Mother nature creates some of the most beautiful art forms imaginable. The delicate colours of pansies have always fascinated me.

A hotel in the Canaries

Private gardens for the ground floor rooms, two swimming pools, and a tennis court! Why can't British hotels be like this?


Let's face it, there is no other nations better at enjoying themselves than those of South America.

Contact Me!

I can be contacted at most reasonable hours; my phone number is 020 8144 2413.